Vibrating bin Aerators (VA)

Vibrating Bin Aerator helps to improve free discharge of materials with poor flow ability. The flowability is increased due to two effects it provides i.e. fluidizing and vibrating. VA basically consists of conical shaped silicone pad fixed over a stainless steel stud.


  • Easy flow of material due to vibration and aeration
  • Operating Pressure 2-6 Bar
  • Suitable for many powdery or granular materials (non hygroscopic)
  • Stud in SS-304 makes it abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • Options for external and internal mountings available
  • Self-cleaning
  • Sustainability from -30° to +200° C


  • Removing the bridging and Ratholing in silo
  • Suitable for Weigh Bins discharge
  • Suitable for High Temperature applications

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