Diverter valves

Gravity Feed Diverter

Gravity Feed Diverter Valves are used in the bulk handling field to re-route powders, pellets or granular materials from one discharge point to a choice of others. Being of fabricated design we can accommodate many variations and options relating to divert angles, inlet sizes and form (square, rectangular and circular etc.).The internal flap is manufactured with two plates sandwiching a polyurethane wiper seal, to ensure there is adequate sealing to the non-operational leg. The whole assembly is mounted on the main spindle which is supported externally by two sealed for life 2-bolt flanged ball bearings.

The pneumatically operated unit is actuated by an air cylinder complete with solenoid valve and internal piping. Limit switches are also fitted as standard equipment and positioned to indicate flap divert position.

The manual version is operated by a smooth action handle with optional Limit switches. All pneumatic and electrical switches are fully enclosed for safety reasons.

Diverters are available in 150 to 500 mm. Sizes in V and Y Shapes.


  • Divert angle ensures good flow conditions,
  • Simple access and minimal maintenance
  • Compact and Rugged design
  • Good Sealing Effect
  • With protection cover

Plug Diverters

Plug type diverter valves are used in the pneumatic conveying industry to re -route powder, pellets or granules from one discharge point to another. Plug Valves are ideal for use in high vacuum conveying systems or where severe leakage or cross contamination cannot be tolerated.

The valve consists of a rugged cast body which houses a cast plug between a pair of end covers. The material handled passes from one line through a tunnel within the plug to either of the two outlet lines. The material stream is diverted to the selected outlet by rotating the plug through 150°. Rotation is alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise and is achieved by means of a double acting torque actuator

Size: 75 mm – 250 mm. Dia


  • Suitable for all types of Conveying Systems and most materials.
  • Compact design
  • Small divert Angle 30 deg
  • Smooth nternal no lodgement points.

Minimal air leakage and cross contamination.

  • Pneumatic and / or manual versions.
  • Rugged design for impact pressure up to 10 Bar (145p.s.i.).
  • Simple access and maintenance.

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