Bin activator

Bin Activators are one of the best devices used for extracting difficult material from the Silo / Bins. It consists of basically and metallic cone with special flexible seal and suspension bolts. The whole system is fixed below the Silo /Bin after cutting it from the Bottom.

Today's process industries most often rely on Bin Activators to move dry bulk materials out of storage, on demand. Properly applied, Bin Activators eliminate bridging and ratholing, reduce particle segregation and promote mass flow. They are efficient, convenient and economical and attach to any bin or silo whether new or existing.


  • Flexible Seal provides isolation of Bin Activator from Silo
  • Suitable for Weigh Bins due to isolation
  • Easy discharging of difficult flowing material
  • No Vibration transfer to Silo / Bin
  • Suitable for 1T,1.5T and 2T jumbo bags
  • Bag cutting system(optional)


  • Easy discharge of difficult materials from Silo / Bin
  • Avoid the problem of Bridging and Ratholing
  • Promoting Mass flow
  • Fitting in existing silo / bin

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