Bulk Loading Spout/Loading Bellow

A Bulk Loading Spout / Loading Bellow is used to load open or closed trucks, railcars, barges and ships or for stockpiling without dust. It consists of a set of retractable metal cones and surrounded by an external flexible cover. The system normally remains in retracted position and when the loading is required the system is extended towards the vehicle. After the desired opening of Bellow the loading is started by operation a valve.

n air conveying system, is used for distributing dry bulk materials in open trucks, stockpiles, tank vehicles,. It is used mostly in grain elevators, ship ports and cement plants conveying dry bulk material.


  • Robust construction
  • Push Button control for the operator
  • Automatic operation after filling
  • Level sensor to lift the Bellow as and when required
  • Metallic cones to easily retract / expand the Bellow
  • Vent port for connecting with Dust Collector


  • Loading dusty material in Closed Trucks / railcars
  • Loading dusty material in Ships and Barges
  • Making Stockpiles

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