Rotary Air Lock Valves

Rotary valve is compact equipment which can provide controlled & continuous discharge of Powdery or granular material under gravity. Rotary Valve consists of a Rotor with Pockets and controls the feed by regulating the Rotor speed and filling ratio of pockets. Rotary valves have a very wide range of application and they are used to control the flow of the bulk material and dose the material proportionately.


  • Available in Drop Through and Blow Through options
  • Produced in Cast Iron to provide better accuracy and air locking
  • Available with application suitable tips
  • Controlled product flow rate (fixed or variable)
  • Maintain a differential pressure between the inlet & outlet (airlock)
  • Suitable for various powdery and granular materials
  • Acts as a process isolator


  • Dosing the material from a silo to a weigh hopper or conveying line
  • Maintains airlock between a screw conveyor and conveying line
  • Maintains airlock between a mixer and conveying line
  • Smooth discharge of product from a hopper
  • Blow through Rotary Valves used for accurate pneumatic conveying

Major Sectors:

  • Dry Premix & Building Materials
  • Paint and Putty plants
  • Food Processing
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Detergent

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