Loss in weight feeder

Loss-in-weight feeder is a controlled gravimetric screw feeding device with a hopper containing material and positioned on a scale weighing system. The Weigh scale measures the weight loss of material per unit of time and thus controls the speed of feed screw to maintain the desired output. When the product in hopper arrives a predetermined minimum weight level, the control by weight loss is briefly interrupted and the hopper is recharged.

Loss-in-weight feeders stand at the forefront, embodying a sophisticated approach to material dosing and delivery. This innovative technology has revolutionized various industries, offering a precise and efficient solution for managing the flow of materials. Let's delve into the intricacies of Loss-in-Weight Feeders, exploring their features, applications, capacities, and their significant role in major industrial sectors.


  • At the core of Loss-in-Weight Feeders is a precision weighing system. This system continually measures the weight of the feeding mechanism, ensuring real-time adjustments for accurate material dosing.
  • Loss-in-Weight Feeders integrate advanced control systems that dynamically adjust the feed rate based on real-time weight measurements. This ensures precise material delivery even in applications with varying flow rates.
  • The modular design of these feeders allows for versatility in handling various materials and accommodating different process requirements. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of industries.
  • Fast responding system
  • Effective dust control.
  • Saving in material cost due to high accuracies


  • 3 dm3/H to 4000 dm3/H


  • Gravimetric dosing of product from Hopper to the system
  • Requirement of High Accuracies and fast controlling
  • Very small capacity fine dosing applications
  • Working in Close loop system
  • Easy cleaning and no contamination

Major Sectors:

  • Plastics and Rubber Industry: Ensures accurate dosing of polymers, additives, and colorants.
  • Paint and Putty plants
  • Food and Beverage: Precise ingredient dosing for consistent product quality.
  • Plastics
  • Chemical Processing: Optimized blending of chemicals for various applications.
  • Detergent

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