Automatic Bag Slitting Machine

Automatic bag slitting machine consists of a bag feeding and bag cutting system at the beginning followed by a Rotating Cylindrical Screen which forces the bag to be emptied completely. After the material emptying the split bag goes out of the screen. The material inside the bag is taken to a transit hopper from where it is fed to the system through a Screw Conveyor. A Dust Collector is also associated with the system to make the loading dust free.



  • Suitable for different kind of Bags like Woven Bags, Extruded Bags, Paper Bags etc
  • Cap: Up to 20 Tons/ Hr. (More capacity possible based on material characteristics)
  • Complete Emptying of Bags
  • Vent for Dust Collection
  • Dust Collector included


  • Automatic emptying of different type of Bags and materials
  • High Capacity discharging requirements
  • Minimum Manpower involvement

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