Dust Conditioner

Dust Conditioner is used to moist fly ash / any dusty material in a unique way so that the output is neither very wet nor dry enough to flow in the air. This is done by proper conditioning and thus avoiding spillage of dusty material and avoiding polluting of atmosphere. The machine is conveying the material with through water spray. Sprinkling of water arrangement is inbuilt with the system.

The spiral two lead screws are designed in such way that they mix the material and carry forward the same at the time.


  • Robust construction to suit abrasive products and applications.
  • Easy to access top covers to gain access to the spray and paddle area.
  • Safety switch for inspection
  • Adjustable paddle for optimum mixing.
  • Removable paddle tips for easy replacement or maintenance.


  • 20 m3/h


  • Appropriate moistening of dusty material
  • Prior to Transportation and loading of dusty material
  • Pollution free loading of the Dusty material in transport vehicle

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