Butterfly Valve with Actuators

A butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating the storage Silo / hopper from downstream system. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disc which allows for quick shut off. Our Butterfly valves are generally favored because of their light weight construction and leak proof design.


  • Available in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 & 400 mm. Sizes.
  • Body in Aluminium Alloy casting
  • Single and Double Flange options
  • Up to 0.2 Bar Pressure proof
  • Light-weight design resulting in lower cost and ease of handling
  • Modular System, Interchangeable components
  • High grade rubber seals for leak proof working
  • Disc in Cast Iron, Polymer coated and Stainless Steel


  • Silo and Hopper Discharge points in Concrete Plants
  • Food Grade Valves for food powder or granular material
  • At the outlet of Screw Conveyors, Inlet of Loading Bellows or at Cylindrical chutes
  • Bi-Directional Shut-off
  • Suitable for Flange bolting and clamping applications

Electro Pneumatic Actuators

Electro pneumatic Actuator is used for operating the Butterfly Valves pneumatically. Use of compressed air to power a reliable actuation system is an attractive, lower cost alternative, to other actuation technologies. We offer standard designed electro pneumatic actuators and systems that can be used to automatic on/off the valves and can be connected with PLS system for the batching.


  • Smooth movement / opening of valves
  • Automatic operation as per application
  • Rack & Pinion mechanism for Rotary Actuation
  • Almost maintenance free


  • Operating the Butterfly Valves pneumatically
  • For automatic closing and opening requirements

Manual Actuators

Manual valve actuators are a lever in Alluminium alloy casting which is used to operate the Butterfly Valve manually. These actuators are used where frequent on/off is not required.

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